Did you know that 48% of Norwegian adults volunteer annually? Whether you are new to Norway or have been here for a while, one of the best ways to integrate into the Norwegian society is through volunteering.

Norway International Network's team and board consist of motivated locals and expats.



What NIN can offer:

  • A dynamic team
    You'll experience a sense of belonging to a great community with our team and members. It's a perfect opportunity to grow your professional network and make friends during our social, cultural, and speaker events.

  • Valuable experience
    You'll leave your potential employer with the impression that you are actively engaged in community work - a part of the Norwegian dugnad spirit.

  • A reference
    Reference check for a potential candidate is thorough in Norway. If you don't have any work experience in this country, joining NIN is a good start because if you do a good job, we'll be glad to let people know about it.

If you share our mission to help foreigners integrate in Norway and can commit to the position for at least six months, please send your CV and this questionnaire to contactninside@gmail.com and tell us which position you are interested in. 

We are looking for:

Social Coordinator

IT Coordinator

Finance Coordinator

Membership Coordinator

Speaker Coordinator

Communication Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator


Join us for our March monthly meeting!

Ian Jenkins, originally from the U.S., landed 63 job rejections and not a single interview in the first 8 months of living in Norway. Without speaking Norwegian fluently, with no network, and in the middle of a recession, he had an 'a-ha' moment that changed his career and life forever. During his presentation, he'll share with you the 3 secrets to how he gets great jobs without a resume, salesy networking or even applying for a job. If you're in need of a breakthrough in your job hunt, you'll want to attend his workshop!

More information and registration here:

Are you considering buying an electrical car? Want to know more about the state of electrical vehicles in Norway? Then join us for our upcoming event!  

Registration and doors open from 18:30 onwards

Joining us for this month's meeting is Åsmund Frengstad, the founder and CEO of Meshcrafts AS, a green tech startup based in Startup Lab Oslo. By developing innovative software and hardware solution, Meshcrafts mission statement is to solve the hassles and pains of modern transportation system. Åsmund holds Master of Mechanical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Life Science with a major in product development. Prior to Meshcrafts, Åsmund worked at Radiocrafts for two years producing RF-modules.

Åsmund will cover topics regarding:

  • How Norway becomes the country with the highest electrical vehicles (EVs) ownership per capita.
  • The state of EVs in Norway and Scandinavia today.
  • Why Norway is the second largest market for Tesla after America.
  • Opportunities available in the market area today as EVs are becoming more and more common

More information and registration here:

The event of the season is fast approaching, the NIN Christmas party!! :D :D 

Welcome to a wonderful evening at Syng in Oslo!

***Food: There is so much good food from around the world - we would like to try yours!
Please bring your favourite dish to share on our international buffet!

***Entertainment: We want to have lots of fun with you! Among other things we will have a raffle with awesome prizes like theatre tickets, books to learn Norwegian, coffee bags, NIN membership for 2016, and many more surprises! You can buy a ticket to the raffle for just 10 NOK (cash only!). There will also be a 'Secret Santa Gift Swap' on the night, so bring along a small gift (home-made or around 30kr) to join in.

***Entry fee: The event is free for members and just 50 NOK for non-members. Please bring cash. You can also become a member for 2016 on that day and in that way get one month free for just 200 NOK!

More information here: http://www.ninside.org/index.php/events/44-nin-xmas-party-2015




Join Norway International Network for a social summer night in the picturesque park at St. Hanshaugen. Food, Games, Music, Raffle with Awesome prizes - all you need for a great evening with old and new friends! 

The entrance fee includes a welcome drink, dinner at St. Hanshaugen Parkservering, and entry to the raffle! We will have a vegetarian alternative at the dinner if required (please leave a comment or send us an email when registering)

Please register on this page or by clicking here!

To assist us with catering it is important to register for the event by 6pm Monday 15 June


Attendance fee is 100 NOK for members, 150 NOK for non-members (but you can become a member at any time and it's only 200 NOK for the rest of the year!) 

Payment can be made to our bank account, please leave your name in the comment section details here: http://www.ninside.org/index.php/contact-us


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