''I am very grateful for all the good experiences and all the people I have met that have somehow contributed to who I am today '' - an interview with our Project Manager Vanessa



Vanessa likes positive people who enjoy a good conversation, would love to visit Indonesia, and doesn't like to share her dreams and plans in advance.

What else does/doesn't our Project Manager like? 


What are you most grateful for in your life?

I am very grateful to be alive, but mainly to be a healthy person with enough strength to follow my dreams and fight for what I want. If I need to be more concrete I will say that I am very grateful for all the good experiences and all the people I have met that have somehow contributed to who I am today.


Is there a skill you've always wanted to learn? If yes, which one?

I admire all the good street artists and would like to learn everything one can perform on the street: to sing, paint, dance, and play some instrument...


I didn't have any of these skills, so I decided to study Psychology.


Would you choose an interesting, exciting, and challenging job that will not make you rich or a highly paid, 
stressful, boring, and unsatisfying job?

I would choose a highly paid, stressful, boring, and unsatisfying job because a stressful job is never boring and I would love to turn the unsatisfying job into a challenging job!


Which book did you read last?

''The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don't Have With People You Don't Like Doing Things You Don't Want to Do'' - Sarah Knight.


What do you consider challenging? Please describe it and explain why it is a challenge for you.

To me, a challenge is everything that makes me go out of my ''comfort zone'' and demands more effort to overcome, for example, I would love to write a book, but the process is challenging!


How do you overcome difficulties?

I don't have any secret ways of overcoming difficulties, but I will say being as much resilient as I can to them.


What is your dream destination and why?

All the places I have never been to before?! Well, I think my dream destination is changing all the time, but right now I would love to go to Indonesia!


What do you like/don't like about Norway?

I like Norway and there are many reasons for this, but if you ask me how do I know I like it, I would say that I love to be back in Norway every time after a trip abroad!


I don't like the cold weather and the short days, however, I am learning all the strategies to change my mind.


Is/are there any language(s) you would like to learn?

I would like to learn Romanian to be able to speak with my husband's family and friends. I would also like to learn Chinese and Russian.


If you meet someone for the first time and have to tell them only one thing about you, what would you say?

I am Portuguese!


Did any of your childhood dreams come true? If yes, did it happen while you were still a child or during adulthood?

I was never a super dreamer, but I know some dreams have not come true YET. If you want to know what they are like, please read the answer to the last question!


If you can have only one friend, what kind of person would you prefer?

I would prefer a non-judgemental person who often is in a good mood and likes to talk!


Is there a superstition that always ''works'' for you? If yes, which one?

I don't share dreams/plans until they come true! I don't always follow this superstition, but when I do, I have the impression that it works J




Vyara Løvig, Marketing Coordinator


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