''My childhood dream was to travel the world and learn different languages'' - an interview with our Finance Coordinator Dimitris

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Dimitris, our Finance Coordinator, is a polyglot, has traveled to all continents, his dream destination is Madagascar, and...
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What are you most grateful for in your life?

My vast experiences from living and traveling to all corners of the globe: all the different people who have been a part 
of my life and all the diversity in cultures, landscapes, and climates that I have seen.


Is there a skill you've always wanted to learn? If yes, which one?

Because technology has changed drastically since I was born, that means new skills such as search engine optimization,
big data analytics, and social media moderation have emerged. These are skills that I would like to learn but that didn't exist when
I was growing up. Salesmanship is a skill that has always existed, however, and is always useful, so if the answer has to be
based on a skill that I've wanted to learn since my childhood, then it would be salesmanship.


Would you choose an interesting, exciting, and challenging job that will not make you rich or a highly paid, 
stressful, boring, and unsatisfying job?

An interesting, exciting, and challenging job.


Which book did you read last?

''Taal Toerisme'' by Gaston Dorren in Dutch. The title in English would be ''Lingo: Around Europe in Sixty Languages''.

What do you consider challenging? Please describe it and explain why it is a challenge for you.

It is always an ongoing challenge to learn a language and to communicate effectively in it and to understand other 
people's points of view and to have them understand my points of view.

How do you overcome difficulties?

It's great to take a break from the difficult task. Yoga Nidra or some form of meditation can be a help to create a break. 
After the break, I can get back to the task.

What is your dream destination and why?

Madagascar: it's got a lot of diversity in fauna and flora and I still haven't been there.

What do you like/don't like about Norway?

Norway is great for the general peacefulness and ease of doing things and the high standard of living.


Is/are there any language(s) you would like to learn?

At the moment I'm dabbling in Esperanto, Finnish, Irish, and Lithuanian.

If you meet someone for the first time and have to tell them only one thing about you, what would you say?

That I've lived in seven countries and am able to converse in about twelve languages or so. I'd probably 
choose a common language between us and continue the conversation in that language.

Did any of your childhood dreams come true? If yes, did it happen while you were still a child or during adulthood?

My childhood dream was to travel the world and learn different languages. So yes, it absolutely did come true, as an adult:
I've traveled to more than 100 countries and to all continents.

If you can have only one friend, what kind of person would you prefer?

A patient, energetic genius who would always challenge me.

Is there a superstition that always ''works'' for you? If yes, which one?

None, but I enjoy learning about the variety of superstitions from around the world and trying to understand how the superstition
came to exist.


Vyara Løvig, Marketing Coordinator




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