Four reasons to join Norway International Network

Norway International Network has been a great place to meet new people, exchange ideas and get to know Oslo and surrounding areas.

I first learned about NIN via its Christmas Party or julebord in 2014 and became a member at that time.

Here are the main four reasons I feel joining NIN has been a great decision. At first I was new to Oslo but as time goes by, the fourth reason is also a good point of consideration.

1. We are new Oslo and surroundings and want to learn more about Oslo.
2. We don’t know a lot of people here and want to meet others.
3. We are interested in networking professionally and expanding our social contacts.
4. We want to share Oslo with others as we learn more about the city and surroundings and have contact with new arrivals.

One of my MBA classmates from BI Norwegian Business School, Ashish Sahu, helped found NIN. Ashish invited me to attend the Christmas Party, or julebord in 2014. I joined up that very evening.

It was fun to be greeted with cupcakes and to have the chance to buy raffle tickets for prizes that were given away later during the evening.

As the months went by, I felt that NIN was great because it helped me expand my network professionally and socially. I didn’t know a lot of people in Oslo prior to joining NIN. 

 Since joining NIN, I find that I’ve been able to learn more about Oslo and as I spend more time here, I find that I am able to share my familiarity with the city with new arrivals to help them feel more comfortable here.

NIN has three kinds of activities every month: 1) a pub night, 2) a speaker event, and 3) an event that may be considered as sometime active or cultural with a combination of social. During July and August, there are generally no activities.

Ashish learned that I’m a polyglot who has lived in many different countries and learned about many different cultures. That gave me the honour of becoming the monthly speaker for NIN in February 2015, where I presented on intercultural theories I learned during my MBA courses and their application in real-world situations.

It was wonderful to share my experience with an international audience. Each of us in the presentation room had individual experiences in facing other cultures. After the presentation, we had a discussion on some of our individual experiences and how we may improve in areas such as negotiations with people from other cultures and how we may improve in interpersonal relations across cultures. Awareness of our own behaviour and culture is an important starting point for success in cross-cultural communications.

I’ve been an official permanent resident of Oslo since April 2015, which means that I could apply to become a coordinator for NIN.

Since autumn 2015, I’ve been Finance Coordinator for NIN and it’s been an honour to serve with a great team of people to create wonderful social, professional and educational events in the Oslo area. We have a creative team with a fun dynamics and am proud to be a part of it to help make people’s lives in Oslo active both professionally and socially.

In May 2016, I launched a new website called which aims to become a community of language learners at an advanced level, improving our writing skills. At launch, Yozzi features eight languages: Chinese, English, French, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish. On the site, I share my MBA learnings and experience from around the world with the readers, welcome guest posts and interviews, and have an editing feature where you can help others improve their writing skills in their target languages, in addition to commenting on cultural differences and logic.

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